More ABout Music Express

Each package includes six issues per year.

Premium Plus Package - $195.00 per year

Each issue package contains:

 1 Teacher Magazine

 30 Printed Student Magazines*

 Online Audio + Video

 Digital Lessons

Optional Components - 6 per year

 Extra Student Magazine 10 Packs

 Physical Copy of Audio CDs

 Physical Copy of Digital Lessons on DVD-ROM
         Physical Copy of Digital Lessons on DVD-ROM

Teacher Magazine: Complete lesson plans for each song in the student magazine, plus additional lessons for recorder, primary grades, assessment, and more! It also includes piano accompaniments with choreography notes. 

Student Magazines: 16 full-color pages with music, stories, listening maps, and more. Online Audio + Video: Accessible in My Library through a code in the teacher magazine. Includes full performance and accompaniment audio recordings, choreography videos, and other engaging video lessons. 

Digital Lessons: Fully projectable, interactive songs and lessons from the student and teacher magazines, full performance and accompaniment audio tracks, choreography videos, worksheets, interactive listening maps, and more! All of these great resources are integrated into one convenient program which does not require internet access. See a demo.