Common Questions

How do I access my My Library files?

  •  Find the 16-digit access code in the front cover of your teacher magazine. Return to this website, then click on “My Library” from the top right-hand side of the page. This will direct you to the My Library home page where you can first set up an account or log in, then enter your access code.

How do I access the digital lessons?

  •  The digital lessons are downloadable from My Library. To download these, please reference our YouTube page
    for screen by screen tutorial videos, or you can find these same tutorial videos in My Library.

How do I access iSong or the interactive listening maps?

  •  iSong and the interactive listening maps can be accessed by downloading the digital lessons.

Do I need an interactive whiteboard to use the digital lessons?

  •  No. You can use the digital lessons with a computer connected to a projector.

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping is included in the cost of the subscription. There is no additional charge.

Does it cost more to ship a subscription to Canada or Mexico? What about other countries?

  • We do not charge more for shipping to Canada or Mexico. If you’d like to ship Music Express to a country other
    than the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, please contact for more information.
  • NOTE: subscriptions are billed in U.S. funds.

Can I order a subscription for just a Teacher Book/CD or only Student Magazines?

  • No - you must order a base subscription in order to get additional teacher or student magazines. They are not sold separately except as back issues - after the current issues are shipped as scheduled.

Why can't I order additional student books for a digital subscription?

  • Digital subscriptions include a digital CD-ROM of the student edition for teachers to project in the classroom for students. If you need both the digital and print format, please purchase the Premium subscription instead.

When are magazine issues shipped?

  • Magazine shipments are mailed out around the beginning of the month prior to the issue (Ex: The March/April
    issue would ship out in early February).

I'm signing up for a subscription in the middle of the year. How long does it take for my first issue to arrive? Will I get the issues I have missed?

  • Yes - you will receive every issue that you have missed for the current school year, and you will be on schedule to receive the rest of the year as scheduled. It generally takes a few weeks to process your subscription, so please allow 2-3 weeks for your back issues to arrive.

How do I know that my subscription order has been received / processed?

  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your subscription as soon as it is entered, providing we have your email address. Please be sure to include your preferred email on your subscription order.

I need a copy of my invoice. How can I get this?

  • Please email your request to Please include your customer number or full billing/shipping information, and include how you would like to receive it - by mail, fax, or email. You can also call our Music Express Hotline at 1-866-977-3775.

When will I get my invoice for the subscription? Can it by sent via email?

  • Subscription orders are uploaded every Friday, and invoices run every Monday and mailed. Your account can also be set up to receive invoices via e-mail. Send an email to Please have your account number ready when you contact us.

My CD broke/I lost my CD/I didn't get a CD in my book/I need a replacement.

  • If you have a current subscription, call the Music Express Hotline at 1-866-977-3775 or email and we will make sure you get a replacement. 

How do I purchase back issues?

  • Back issues are available as long as they are still in print. Please contact us at for information on a back issue.

Can I make copies of student book pages if I want to keep my original copies clean for later?

  • No. Student books are meant to be used by the students. They are not reproducible. If you need additional copies, you can add on to your subscription. If you have projection capabilities, also consider our digital subscription for the student edition. The DVD-ROM stores beautifully and will last forever!

I can't find the choreography videos online. Where are they?

I already have a Twisted Plays account, why do I need to complete a subscription form?

  • First, thanks for being a Twisted Plays customer - we are so happy to have you!  Subscriptions for Music Express Magazine are processed by a separate office and because we promise not to share your information your Twisted Plays account is NOT linked to your subscription.