John Jacobson

Composing, choreographing, teaching, and performing, John Jacobson has become a familiar face to hundreds of thousands of children and music educators throughout North America and abroad. As a performer, he has sung and danced for children and adults in schools in every state of the union, most Canadian provinces, and many foreign countries. His most recent original recordings, Hop 'til You Drop, Conga in the Kitchen, and Around the World with Me, have quickly become favorites of children everywhere. He has written songs that have been licensed by Sesame Street and performed by their characters in live productions.

John is a popular hit with junior high, elementary, and preschool children. As a motivational speaker, John is in constant demand for teacher workshops and faculty in-services as well as school assemblies and student rallies. His motivational tapes and videotapes, To Be a Teacher and If It Ain't Got Heart, It Ain't Art!, are fast sellers in the education field.

As a writer and composer, John has published dozens of musicals and musical revues for schools and churches. Thousands of schools across the country perform John's musicals as a part of their curriculum each year. Besides the numerous musicals and single songs, John has also published and sold his educational resource materials including Gotta Sing/Gotta Dance (a how-to book/video on choreography), John Jacobson's Dictionary of Dance, and hundreds of videos for use in music classrooms.

John is the founder and president of America Sings, Inc., a non-profit, charitable organization that creates non-competitive choral festivals. These festivals provide young performers with the opportunity to utilize their talents in service projects and worthwhile causes. Since 1989, more than 100,000 young people have attended these events.

John has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters of Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Literature from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.